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Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine

1. After running numerous tests and making many modifications, our down pipe roll forming machine overcomes some annoying problems, such as unsmooth pipe shape, insecure locking between pipes, etc.

2. The pneumatic cutting method minimizes the deformation generated during cutting process. Due to the application of this method, our machine is endowed with high cutting efficiency, simple structure, light weight and low price.

3. The down pipes have a round or square cross-section, and they are connected together by the locking mechanism. They can work together with rain gutters to build up the roof drainage system.

4. The cutting system for the square down pipe has gained the national patent (ZL201120054583.8), and our down pipe roll forming machine could be manufactured with different sizes and specifications.

Processing Flow
Passive decoiling → guided material feeding → roll forming → cut-to-length → offloading


1. 5T passive decoiler
2. Shape forming machine
3. Hydraulic shear

4. Hydraulic station
5. PLC control cabinet
6. Run out table

Model GWC75 (for round down pipe) GWC118 (for square down pipe) Note
Applicable material Color plate, galvalume plate, aluminum plate and cooper plate This machine is customizable upon each customer's requirements and the characteristics of processed material.
Feeding width 260mm 398mm
Processing thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Roller material 45#steel coated with hard chrome
Main motor power / hydraulic station power 7.5kW / 3kW 5.5kW / 3kW These parameters can be set according to the required production capacity.
Forming passes 24
Forming speed 5-15 meters/minute
Machine dimensions 11×1.0×1.0m
Machine weight 7T

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