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PE Printable Protection Film

The superior PE printable protection film is widely applied fro protecting panels like colored steel plate, stainless steel plate, all kinds of injection molding products, acrylic board, aluminum alloy and plastic door and window, plastic plate, etc.

With stable adhesiveness, this product is easy to be pasted and peeled off the panel. It has the features of outstanding resistance against the accelerated exposure, heat and aging. It is not easy to drop off. Moreover, there is no adhesive residue after being peeled off and the surface glossiness is preserved. All the advantages of this product make sure that the panel enjoys well protection and superior quality.

According to customer requirements, we can produce the PE printable protection film with different models of written characters in the thickness range from 0.35mm to 0.1mm, adhesive force between 60 to 120 and the heat resistance reaching 60℃.

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