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GWC Silo Roof (Tapered Roof Panel) Roll Forming Machine

We are the only provider who is able to manufacture the GWC silo roof roll forming machine in China. The tapered roof panel could be transversely and longitudinally cut on this machine, and then shape forming and punching operations are conducted on one side. This product could be customized on the basis of roof shape and punching pattern that are provided by the client.

Processing Flow
Flat panel feeding → transverse cutting → slitting → roll forming → punching → offloading → turning around → panel feeding (with unprocessed side on the front) → roll forming → punching → offloading end products

Finished Product
The roof panel fabricated by this specialized roll forming machine is commonly used to build the circular roof of a silo, and it has two reinforcing ribs with pre-punched connecting holes. The connecting holes bring great convenience when installing the roof, and they also guarantee the firmness, tightness and safety of the roof.


1. 5T passive decoiler
2. Steel sheet straightening and cutting machine
3. Shape forming machine
4. Punching machine

5. Hydraulic station
6. PLC control cabinet
7. Run out table

Model GWC Note
Applicable material Galvanized sheet This machine is customizable upon each customer's requirements and the characteristics of processed material.
Feeding width ≤1250mm
Processing thickness 0.7-1.0mm
Roller material 45# steel coated with hard chrome
Main motor power / hydraulic station power 5.5kW These parameters can be set according to the required production capacity.
Forming passes 14
Forming speed 5-15 meters/minute
Machine dimensions 30×1.6×1.5m
Machine weight 15T

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Corrugated Roofing Panel Machine | Structural Metal Roof Machine | Metal Grain Silo Roll Former





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