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Glazed Roof Tile

Our glazed roof tile is a new type of archaized building material. It uses color steel as the substrate which is specially processed and painted with baking finish.

1.This product is easy for installation. It is widely used in the roofs of villa, scenic spot buildings and the construction works of changing flat roof into sloping roof.

2. This product has unique appearance design. It keeps the modeling of traditional terracotta, which is a representative of elegant and classic beauty. The substrate can be processed in diversified frosted and glossy colors.

3. Our tile is light in weight but high in strength. With the weight only one tenth of the terracotta, it has the strength that far surpasses that of the terracotta.

4. This glazed roof tile features excellent resistance to wind and weather. It can be used as long as thirty years for its surface is processed with multilayer anticorrosion and antirust coatings.

5. The slope surface of the product offers seamless press connection which makes the roof top look like one whole piece. Aided with the complete set of sealing fixation kit, this product owns excellent waterproof performance that outruns other roof building materials currently.

6. This product has fulfilled the construction demand to the largest extent. It shortens the construction time and lowers the cost. The lightweight product is able to reduce the working intensity and improve the working efficiency. It ensures the smooth construction without limitation on the weather and season.

7. We are able to develop mould used to manufacture the product according to the drawings given by our client.

Technical Parameters
Usage Model Thickness Feeding width
Glazed roof tile YX28-207-828 0.5-0.6mm 1000mm

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