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Ceiling Panel

In recent years, this ceiling panel with high performance develops rapidly in this field and meets the gradually grown demands of people in the household ceiling materials. Its advantages aren't limited to fire and moisture resistance, sound absorption and sound insulation. This metal product offers unique antistatic and dustproof performance. In respect of its superior property, it positively perfects the flaws of PVC panel, mineral wood panel and gypsum panel, upgrading the perfect combination of function and attractive appearance.

Our metal ceiling panel adopts split joint which needs no bolt, thus it has the features of easy installation, high strength, corrosive resistance and convenient maintenance. According to the drawings of clients, we are able to develop new mould to make the required products.

Technical Parameters
Usage Model Thickness Feeding width
Suspended ceiling YX11-104 0.5-0.8mm 133mm

Related Names
Metal Ceiling Panels | Dropped Ceiling Tiles | Suspended Ceiling





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