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PE Transparent Protection Film

1. Performance test
The PE transparent protection film presents excellent adhesiveness. It is easy to be pasted and peeled off and there is no glue displacement. It will not fall off or fracture when it is bended with the steel plate for 90°.

2. Loading test
After bearing 2kg/2.5m2 load at 20℃ to 50℃ for 360hours, it generates no glue residue while being peeled off.

3. Aging test
Having exposed to the 300W ultraviolet radiator at 50℃ for 240hours, this product offers no fracture, no deformation, no adhesive residue when peeled off.

4. Moisture resistance test
Over 240hours' exposure to the light and rain respectively for one hour alternation, the PE transparent protection film shows no adhesive residue when being peeled off.

In addition, our product has a wide applicable range covering the color steel plate and organic glass, etc.

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